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    Ayurvedic Medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India more than 3000 years ago and remains one of the country’s traditional health care systems.
    The basic aim of SUSHRUT NATURAL HEALTH CARE to manufacture medicines using raw material of perfect genus and species and by blending the modern technology and equipment with the ancient knowledge.
  We offer quality medicines for our diligent customers that include products required by industry as well as consumer.

                    Sushrut Ayurved is Nagpur (M.S) based Quality Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Company. The constructed area of company is 4000 sq.ft.SUSHRUT NATURAL HEALTH CARE PVT.LTD headed by our diligent Directors, Mr Shashwat Gokhale & Mrs Prajakta Gokhale.
                     Mr.Shashwat Gokhale is a young & experienced Businessman with Pharmacy background (M.Pharm.)Possessing an experience of 5 years in Marketing & Manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines & shall be sharing his skills of marketing for company.
                     Vast Experience, foresight, professional approach are his strengths and above all, sincere and dedicated approach to the clients is his principles
                    Mrs.Prajakta Gokhale is a young & enthusiastic postgraduate having Masters of Science in Drug & Organic Chemistry. She will be looking after the manufacturing, Quality control & analysis section for the company.                      


Dr.Mrs.Sanyukta A.Gokhale mother of the Director Mr Shashwat Gokhale, Ayurved.She possesses a vast experience of above 35 years in Teaching & Research & Development. She possesses a great knowledge of herbs & other “Aushadhis”.Her research is on Mathematics in Ayurveda, which is very useful in designing formulation, their quantities & dosage. She could be a very good guide for formulation of experience.

Our Team is well educated, highly skilled & well equipped for carrying out the activity involving 5 M of management.

  • Money
  • Manpower
  • Machinery
  • Material
  • Method