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Qualification :- M.F.A.M., M.D. ,Ph.D. (Ayurved)

  • Ex. Principal, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College ,Sawangi (meghe) Wardha.

  • Ex. Dean of Faculty of Ayurved in Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, Sawangi (Meghe) Wardha.

  • Ex. Reader in Shri Ayurved College, Nagpur.

  • Books published 1. “Karkrog”, 2. “Aai” Gharguti Aushadhi, “First Aid”, 3. Pratyaksha Shariram Part 1 & 2, 4. Surgical Anatomy in Ayurved. 5. Mathematics in Ayurved.

  • Seven articles are published on Menopause and HRT in Tarun Bharat a well known Marathi Newspaper.


  1. Presented a research paper “Scientific Approach of Ayurvedic Diet In Pregnant Woman” in the seminar at N.S.R.I. Sandila. 15-16 August 1992.

  2. Active Participation in the International Convention on Ayurved, organized by All India Ayurvedic Congress on 10 to 12 April 1992.

  3. Presented a research paper on “Breast feeding – An Evaluation Study” in 2nd International Conference at Pune, 31 Jan. 1993.

  4. Acted as National Cadaveric Dissection Expert in N.S.R. I. Sandila from 12 to 20 Jan. 1994.

  5. Attended National Working on Ayurvedic Traumatology (Marma Vidyan) in National Sharir Research Institute, Sandila and worked National Dissector in view of Marma Sharir.

  6. Presented a Research Paper on Healing of Erosion with Honey – An Histological Approach in First International Seminar on Complimentary Medicine in Pune on 21 Jan. 1995.

  7. Presented a paper on an Applied Aspect of Pelvis with Special Reference to Mudha Garbha.

  8. Presented keynotes on “Concept of Genetic in Ayurveda” on 11-12 Jan. 1997.

  9. Presented a Research Paper on Anatomical Aspects of Wrist Joint in the view of Rujakar Marma in the Seminar held at Pune in May 1997.

  10. Delivered a guest lecture on Anatomical Aspect of Purishavaha Strotas in the treatment of Basti in Reorientation Course in Shri. Ayurved College in August 1997.

  11. Taken Dissection of Anus and Rectum in the Teachers Reorientation in Ksharsutra in Shri. Ayurved College for 8 days and delivered lectures on the subject.

  12. Delivered keynotes lectures on Strotas and Sarpadansha Veg in Agattatra Teachers Reorientation Course on.

  13. Delivered keynotes lectures on Murtawahstrotas and Action of Few Drugs on the Strotas in Dravyaguna Teachers Reorientation Course.

  14. Presented a research paper on Nishchitikaran of Avedhya Sira in the Seminar at Sangamner Ayurved College in August 1999.


  1. Presented paper on Menopause at inaugural Conference of South Asian Federation of Menopause Societies on 2 – 3rd October 2010 at Colombo, Shrilanka

  2. Presented paper titled “Use of Madhu in Cervical Erosion: A Histological Study”, in first international seminar on complementary medicines on January 1995.

  3. Presented paper on “Mathematics in Ayurved” at International Convention on Ayurveda , on 12 th Apri 1992

  4. Presented Paper in 2nd International Ayurveda Conference at Pune

  5. Presented Paper titled ‘Management of Menapause with Ayurvedic Life Style’ at International Menopause Society Conference 2012 at Faridabad.


  1. Best Teacher Award from National Sharir Research Institute, Sandila. (It is a Late. Dr. B. G. Ghanekar Award for Best Teacher.)

  2. Gold Medal awarded by Institute of Indian Medicine, Pune for the book “Pratyaksh Shariram”.

  3. Gold Medal awarded by Institute of Indian Medicine for Ph.D. Thesis in international Ayurveda & Yoga conference in Sydney, Australia, 2006.

  4. Ayurved Granth Puraskar 2008,’ for book ‘Mathematics in Ayurved’


  1. Founder Member of “Sawali” a home for senior citizen.

  2. Organized about 50 health camps in various slum areas of Nagpur city and educated them about cancer and other preventive measures.

  3. Was an Executive Member of Rehabilitation centre of Matru Seva Sangha.

Dr. Mrs. Sanyukta A. Gokhale.